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Our Services

Once we have listened to you describe your concerns and reviewed your file, we will know whether we are able to assist you.  If we are able to assist, we may do any or all of the following on your behalf:

  • If you are experiencing a delay in getting a decision on your claim, recommend that a decision be made.
  • Explain legislation, policies and guidelines that are relevant to your claim.
  • Refer you to someone internal to the WCB to get the information or explanation you need.
  • Recommend that further investigation be conducted and a previous decision reviewed in light of new information.
  • Recommend changing a decision that is clearly wrong or clearly unreasonable.
  • Recommend a fair and transparent process be followed to address your concerns.
  • Refer you to an external organization to get the information and assistance you need.
  • Recommend that an apology be extended.

If we intervene on your behalf, we will report to you what we have done and what you can expect from WCB staff in regards to the issue you raised.

If we discover systemic issues while reviewing your claim, we will make recommendations for management to address so they do not arise in other claims in the future.

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