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Q. Who can use the services of the Fair Practices Office?

A. Anyone who is dealing directly with the Workers Compensation Board. This includes workers, employers, dependents of deceased claimants, unions and advocates.

Q. What kinds of issues can the Fair Practices Office look into?

A. Typical complaints include:

  • Delays in adjudication, payment of benefits
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Conduct of staff
  • Insufficient investigation
  • Misapplication of policy or legislation
  • Implementation of appeal decisions

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Q. Is there anything I should do before I contact the Fair Practices Office?

A.  As a first step, we would like you to speak about your concerns to the staff handling your claim. If you are not satisfied with the outcome or the issue does not lend itself to this approach you may contact the Fair Practices Office.

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Q. How do I make a complaint to the Fair Practices Office?

A. Making a complaint is simple. You can contact the Fair Practices Office by telephone at (204) 954-4467 or Toll Free 1-855-954-4321.

In writing at:

Fair Practices Office
333 Broadway Avenue
Winnipeg , MB R3C 4W3
By email at

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Q. Do I have to give my name when I contact the Fair Practices Office?

A. No, we can provide you with general information or a referral if you prefer to remain anonymous. If you want specific help with your complaint, we will need to know your name and claim number.

All communication with the Fair Practices Office is confidential unless your issue is addressed with Workers Compensation Board staff.

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Q. Can the Fair Practices Office help me with my appeal?

A. The Fair Practices Office cannot assist you with your appeal. The Fair Practices Office is a neutral office that exists to ensure you have had fair and timely service during your claim. However, the Worker Advisor Office may be able to help you.

The Worker Advisor Office is an office within the Manitoba Department of Family Services and Labour.  They provide a free and confidential service and offer various levels of assistance and representation to workers and/or their dependents appealing claims decisions. 

They can be reached at:  204-945-5787 or toll free 1-800-282-8069, ext. 5787, by email: or online.


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